Future Proof Your Career

Acquiring and fostering new talent is critical to any firm’s success and future growth. From our performance evaluation process to our professional development opportunities, we help our employees build and refine the skills they need to take themselves – and PWCO– to the next level of excellence.

Audit and Assurance

A profession in Paul Wan & Co. prepares you to be successful as an audit and assurance associate. You’ll not only learn the technical skills firms require, you’ll get a head start on developing the professional skills—communication, teamwork and client-facing skills—that will set you apart.

What does the audit and assurance career path look like? It’s the science (and art) of providing expert and independent assessments that support smart business decisions. As an audit associate, you will assist in performing audits for a variety of clients. You will work in a top 50 regionally-connected firm with access to experts on every topic imaginable and a closely knit team of peers. Your job is to “follow the money.” Where does it come from? Where does it go? How is it allocated? What processes are used to ensure the accuracy and veracity of these transactions? The goal of an audit is to assure investors, regulators, bankers and others that a company’s balance sheet, cash flows and profit and loss statements deliver a reasonable depiction of its financial health.

Public accounting is a people business, where teamwork is central to success. The culture is one of collaboration, mentoring and professional growth. You’ll have the chance to work with people from many different backgrounds and views, and your role can have real impact. As you advance professionally, your career path can lead to a spot as a firm partner, as an executive or CEO in the corporate sector, as a consultant or as an entrepreneur.

This challenging career path exposes you to a wide variety of businesses (from startups to global corporations) in a range of industries and offers almost limitless opportunities for growth. Our firm will prepare you to successfully launch into this field and build a valuable global network for support and advancement over the life of your career—whether you choose to stay in public accounting or branch into other areas of business.

We consider your success fundamental to our firm’s success. That’s why our firm provides you with personalized career consultation and preparation.


Since the company’s formation in 1986, the people of Paul Wan & Co. have worked hard to nurture an identity as one of the leading providers of accounting, tax and consulting services to businesses and individuals alike.

Attaining that goal on every engagement is difficult. It requires that we be a firm of dedicated professionals, committed to delivering services to clients on time and on budget. Professionals who possess the skills and training required to survive in the ever-changing world of new laws and regulations, advanced technologies and strategic business planning.

Paul Wan & Co. has such a reputation, one built on decades of hard work and timely responsiveness to clients. It is one that we are proud of. Nevertheless, we are not comfortable resting on our past performance. We recognize how quickly our reputation can be tarnished if we allow the quality of our service to slip, even slightly. That’s why we devote a substantial amount of firm resources to training our people, keeping them apprised of the latest developments that may affect our client’s business operations, their tax planning strategies or their long-term personal goals. After all, the true measure of any service organization is the competency of its people.

What do you need in the way of support?

We know and are ready to provide it!

– Good senior/manager ratio to assurance associates to provide fundamental support.

– Regular training for associates doing the ACA/ACCA programme by senior partners.

– Training/Seminars by esteemed professionals from different member firms of the Morison KSi network.