Do you know what lies ahead in your upcoming career? What are you comfortable with? What do you aspire to become 5-10 years from now?

At PWCO, our internship programme is intense, but designed to assist you to understand more about our different service lines, and will help you explore your interests, learn important soft-skills required for any future role.
Understand our working practices, technology deployed and build on your curiosity. Ask important questions to build on your understanding and help us realise how we can help you build your potential.
Apply today through our partners.

PWCO Internship Recruitment Periods

Our internship programme normally operate between 3 to 6 month periods, depending on the arrangement with our partners. Please check, with your fellow representatives or contact us for more information.
Internship Cycle Application Period Interview Period (if Applicable) Internship Period
Spring 2021 TBC November – January March – June/August
Summer 2021 TBC March – April June to August/November
Autumn 2020 Closed May – June August to November/February
Winter 2020 1 July 2020 August – September November to February


Our internship programme

Explore the world of assurance, tax, and corporate services

We work extensively with our departments to bring you an enriching but accurate view of the working world. Work alongisde our teams that operate with the f&B, shipping, oil and gas industries.

Comprehensive support and training

Our firm has a mentor programme, and senior staff will be attached to you to help understand your requirements and questions. Our training regime helps reinforce your understanding.

Our Internship Partners

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Our firm takes in a large number of graduates every year. Graduates are given opportunities to pursue a professional qualification, be it in the ICAEW, ACCA, Singapore CA, or SiATP.