Corporate Advisory Services

Our corporate advisory team have deep knowledge and experience to assist clients in merger and acquisitions, divestment, succession planning, and capital fund-raising. Additionally, working together with our Morison KSi Corporate Finance team in over 70 countries, we take your needs and requirements internationally. Our techniques are designed to evaluate if clients’ operations are carried out effectively, efficiently and economically. These will improve performance and enhance shareholder’s value.

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Corporate Finance Services

PWCO Corporate Finance and its strategic partners are experienced corporate lawyers, international corporate finance experts, stock exchange experts and experienced financiers. We has decades of experience on international corporate finance and investment banking experience and has aligned itself with the best and brightest in the fund raising business including fund managers, underwriters, private equity and venture capital firms, banks, CPA firms and broker-dealers, giving you all the relationships you need for success.

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Cross Border IPO Services

In today where not only doing businesses are borderless, raising capital and equity has changed with companies able to list (IPO) in different markets throughout the world. Our Cross Border Unit will carefully study each potential aspirant evaluating its industry,products/services, strength and uniqueness and identify the appropriate market to raise equity through IPO. From NYSE,NASDAQ in the US to DAX in Germany; FTSE,AIM in the England; TSE in Toronto; ASX in Australia; KOSPI in South Korea; TWSE in Taiwan; we have the experience and the team.

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Merger and Acquisition Services

The world’s business environment is a global market and companies need to be on the go -‘to grow and to compete’. Everyday global companies merge to remain competitive and profitable. Additionally, acquisitions are also seen as a way for many companies to grow or to enter unfamiliar market. Our M&A unit headed by our managing partner Mr Paul Wan FCA have deep experience in M&A activities. Through our global association Morrison KSi with a presence in almost 90 countries, we can identify and match opportunities, valuing the merger or acquisition, and structuring the deal, aligning investors and institutions to the M&A.

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