PWCO Forensics has deep experience in assisting clients in investigative areas:


In today’s fast changing economic environment, transactions are voluminous and complex including financial instruments leading to a web of accounting and reporting which could lead into reportedly malpractices and financial irregularities.

At PWCO Forensic we have not only deep experience but also experts led by the world renown forensic guru  Dr Barry EPSTEIN  in Chicago we will probe and uncover the essence of the transaction the authenticity and the appropriate accounting.

We have acted for the aggrieved parties and also assisted companies who have been wrongly accused of these malpractices.

Money Laundering

Siphoning of profits, funds and illegal gains is on the rise and despite efforts by authorities these go undetected and cause many victims to fall prey.

At PWCO Forensic we will take on the challenge to prove the GENUITY of the transaction and trace the chain of transactions to uncover the source of the illegal transactions /funds and the final assets in which it take its form.

Internal Investigation

In big organizations it is important to have rigid internal controls, policies and safeguards to minimize employees and management from manipulating transactions and the reporting.

Our Forensic team have assisted companies on internal investigation of alleged internal embezzlement prior to reporting the case for criminal prosecution.

Working with our internal audit team we carefully design controls to trigger suspected transactions or embezzlement and most importantly to minimize such occurrences.

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