Business Support Services

We offer solution for your initial set up Company. We assist in administration such as accounting, administrative processes management, and payroll matters for compliance requirements.

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Corporate Assistance

As an established incorporation service provider since 1986, we are at all times striving for professional competency and exhibit a high level of skill and proficiency in the performance of our duties. We take care of your business in a way you can devote your energies to strategic planning, marketing, financing and operations.

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Family Business

At PWCO we understand the importance of preserving the family businesses, legacies that has been built up over several generations. The challenges in separating the ownership and the businesses are daunting. With adequate succession planning, our team is able to tactfully advise on sensitive issues in particular ways to preserve family ownership of the business and advise on taxation implications.

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Private Equity

Whether your entity is a listed company or a private company we understand the need of capital to expand your business. The PWCO corporate finance team led by our Managing Partner Mr Paul Wan FCA has access to many equity investors, and can help you structure your enterprise in order to obtain the investment you require.

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Training Academy

Our approach emphasis “what” and “how” which collaborating the latest technical updates with practical issues that help our participants to apply what they have learned to resolve the practical issues in the real world. If you think that your business needs can be met only through customized and cost effective training solutions then contact us to discuss your business needs and we will work with you to develop a best in-house training solution.

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