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PWCO Japan’s Desk (English)

A lot of Japanese companies choose Singapore as a hub or regional headquarters location for Asia markets, because of its strategic location as well as the stable and competitive investment environment. Paul Wan & Co has Japan Desk which is deeply committed to providing a variety of professional services to Japanese companies.


Japan Desk is headed by a vastly experienced Japanese CPA, Hiroshi Kubota who is familiar with the culture and way of working of Japanese companies. Our multidisciplinary teams of professionals, supporting Japan Desk and working seamlessly together, are experts in a variety of areas such as financial audit, taxation, accounting & reporting, and financial advisory services. With the Japan desk specialist communication in native language, clients will ensure our advice is not lost if the expatriate client might not be conversant in English.


For Japanese companies wanting to set up in Singapore, Japan Desk assist the set up and meet all the compliance areas including applying for employment pass and various licences required for their business. Our full range of services provides all the companies including already incorporated companies with one stop services offering audit, taxation, bookkeeping services, GST services to ensure timely compliance.


With our central role in the global network, Morison KSi, our teams are well connected with the member firm in Japan and other countries in where Japanese companies invest. So we are able to respond swiftly and to come out and meet you in person where necessary. Through our experience and knowledge about Japanese business culture and language skills, we are able to support you in the language you prefer and provide the quality of service you require. Besides, for Singapore companies wanting to ventures and do business in Japan, Japan desk specialist can assist you by getting you ready with all you need on dining business in Japan and can link you up with our associate offices who will take care of your needs.

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