Project Description

Wan Wei Han

Talent, Recruitment and Development, Audit Automation and RPA

Wei Han is the head of our efforts in talent recruitment and training and development, and staff wellness. Prior to this position, he served in the audit and assurance department for 3 years, leading the execution of many audit engagements focused in the shipping industry.

Wei Han is also largely involved with our innovation efforts, directing and executing our investments into new technology solutions since 2020. He works alongside Yeak Ing in transforming the audit process through RPA, OCR and practice management software, to provide qualified and valuable data to find new efficiencies within the overall audit processes.

Wei Han also serves on the board of several companies, focused on education, AI,and several committees within PWCO focused on driving new business, as well as serving on our advisory arm for social and environmental sustainability.

Wei Han has a BA Accountancy and Finance from the University of Greenwich, and is a partially qualified accountant with the ICAEW.

Wan Wei Han

+65 6220 3280

Wan Wei Han

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Audit and Assurance
Forensic Audit
Cyber Risk


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