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2112, 2018

SG Transfer Pricing requirement: Related Party Transactions

December 21st, 2018|

On 12 January 2017, IRAS released its 4th edition of the Singapore transfer pricing guidelines relating to business entities incorporated or registered in Singapore or carrying on a business in Singapore that have transactions with related parties. Related Party Loans A related party loan arises when there is money lent in one form or another, irrespective of whether the loan [...]

1412, 2018

Review your corporate tax position to avoid tax burden

December 14th, 2018|

Corporate tax is unavoidable in Singapore. However, with proper tax planning, it is possible for businesses to pay less tax/defer its tax payments. Hence, businesses will minimize their tax and maximize returns for stakeholders and as such, more resources will be available for reinvestment. Under-declaration of taxes in past years may result in accumulated tax debts, penalties, late payment interest [...]

1212, 2018

Singapore’s first cybersecurity framework

December 12th, 2018|

The much discussed Cybersecurity Act 2018 (the Act), which was passed by the Singapore Parliament on 5 February 2018, came into force on 31 August 2018. The Act establishes a legal framework for the oversight and maintenance of national cybersecurity in Singapore. Its four key objectives are to strengthen the protection of Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) against cyber-attacks; to authorise [...]

1012, 2018

Temasek unit invests in blockchain-based platform iSTOX

December 10th, 2018|

THE Singapore Exchange (SGX) and Temasek Holdings holdings subsidiary Heliconia Capital Management have invested in iSTOX, a capital markets platform by blockchain-based infrastructure company ICHX Tech. The platform designed by ICHX Tech - a company incubated by Singapore investment firm ICH Group - aims to provide fast time-to-issuance and a high level of transparency for users. But, while iSTOX incorporates [...]

712, 2018

Tax Deductability OF “Keyman” Insurance Premiums

December 7th, 2018|

Generally, premiums incurred by a company in taking up an insurance policy on the life of a key personnel of the company (commonly referred to as “keyman” insurance) against loss of profits arising from the demise of the insured, the premiums are tax deductible. The following are the requirements that must be satisfied before the deduction of insurance premiums on [...]

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Morison KSi recruits member in Taiwan

February 7th, 2018|

Morison KSi is pleased to announce the admission of WeTec International CPAs as a member firm in Taipei, Taiwan. Founded [...]

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“Paul Wan & Co was the reporting accountant for our very major acquisition project. I have the privilege of working very closely with them for more than a month on this project. His hospitality is much appreciated.

I find the team very professional, technically sound and very pleasant to work with. One thing I really appreciate is their helpfulness. When the work was overwhelming, they just came alongside to help with work, to get it done in order to meet the deadline. All these were done without being asked to do so.

It has been a pleasure working with them and I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

“Paul and his team have truly been a great blessing to our organization. We undertook a major restructuring last year, and after various discussions with different advisors, decided to engage Paul Wan & Co to assist us. The restructuring was a huge success not only due to the meticulous planning and execution of Paul, Yeak Ing and Esther, but also because of the seamless integration between his various heads in the corporate advisory, audit, and tax departments, closely supported by the corporate secretarial arm.

We truly appreciate Paul’s leadership and relationship. Over the years, we have extended our relationship with Paul Wan & Co to his Morison International partners in Malaysia and Thailand as well.”

“Paul Wan & Co has with extensive years of exquisite specialized knowledge, rigorous work style and the ability to provide clients the detail quality services and confidence level.

In addition, Paul Wan & Co. has established good cooperation and working relationship with our group of companies. Their contribution to our group of companies had helped our business grow strong significantly.

Our directors, management and staff of SINO TRUST group of companies would like to wish Paul Wan and his team good health, good luck and prosperity in the years ahead.”

“In addition to the quality, reliable audit and tax services we received from Paul Wan & Co., we particularly appreciated the business insights and timely updates on the latest business, macro-economic and legislative developments in the key markets we operate in. This business partnership role added value, and proved to be beneficial to our business.”
“For over 18 years, Paul Wan has been a wonderful counsellor to Koryo/KGS and a honourable friend to me as well. I’m so glad taking this opportunity to thank him for his proficient supports that has helped Koryo/KGS a lot in various international investments projects. “Straight forward and knowledgeable”, Paul & the Co. is an unique partner that an international company shouldn’t miss to have”
“The Paul Wan audit team have always shown remarkable commitments and being instrumental in providing prompt and value-add services where technical expertise was sought. The team are always readily available to assist when we have any queries. Our accolades.”
“I have worked with Paul and his team for more than four years now. Over this period, I have found them to be professional in their service, providing constructive and practical suggestions for the company. The thing I appreciate most is their helpfulness, going the distance to help a client and willing to consider the interest of the client. Paul’s helpfulness also extends beyond his professional service. Thanks, Paul. I look forward to a long term rewarding relationship with you and your team!”
“Working with Paul Wan and company, a Morison International firm with their global presence and knowledge base, is advantageous as the audit work is always managed and scrutinized by their top level team. Their efforts are unrivalled and services are, undoubtedly, always delivered to the highest standard at all times.”
“Construction Specialities have dealt with Paul Wan & Co. since 1997, during which time, they have provided our business with excellent support in the areas of accountancy, audit and financial reporting. At the ‘heart’ of Paul Wan & Co., is the interminable (knows no limits) Paul Wan, the ‘bridgehead’ of the Company. We have worked with Paul over the years and found him to be a reliable and trusted source of information, and an integral part of our groups substantial expansion in Asia. Paul is one of those guys that makes himself available and never is he short on allocating time and resource to help us resolve an issue. Always willing to suggest a solution or referral”

From a humble beginning of 2 people in 1986, Paul Wan & Co was formed. To build a practice dedicated to serve clients, to give them value of which many of the large firms do not provide – a firm that clients can relate to and feel proud to be associated with.

The challenges were immense. Handling banks, insurance companies, listed companies and MNCs. Patiently, we built our clientele, portfolio. Selected, recruited and rewarded team members to strategize our growth.

Today, we are one of the top 12 CPA firms out of 700 in Singapore, serving listed companies and almost 120 MNCs/Subsidiaries of foreign listed companies, many of them being household names.

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