Mr. Paul Wan

Managing Partner

18 JUNE 1986 – From a humble beginning of 2 people, I started Paul Wan & Co after spending a considerable time with one of the Big 8 (currently one of the Big 4). I wanted to build a practice dedicated to serve clients, to give them value of which many of the large firms do not provide – a firm that clients can relate to and feel proud to be associated with.

The challenges were immense as I was handling banks, insurance companies, listed companies and MNCs. It was then that I told myself that I will start low and build up the practice.

30 years ago, I would never imagine the position we are in today – though admittedly through the years, I Dared to Dream!

Patiently, we built our clientele, portfolio. Selected, recruited and rewarded team members to strategize our growth. It was not smooth sailing all the way. We made mistakes, learnt from them, and picked ourselves up quickly to re-position ourselves.

Today, we are one of the top 15 CPA firms OUT OF 700 in Singapore, serving listed companies and almost 120 MNCs/Subsidiaries of foreign listed companies, many of them being household names.

I have always tied to keep a low profile, and am not particular about advertising nor getting involved in social activities to get to know more people. I am humble that the market and our fellow professionals knew us; just by our firm’s name: “Paul Wan & Co” – PWCO.

Many of our clients came from referrals from existing clients, business partners like law firms, issue managers, underwriters, bankers, Morison KSi member firms, trade associations and of course fellow friends.

Our success story to date largely comes from our continuous clients support. Our team members through the years and of course the present team members. We strived to deliver the utmost capabilities and highest quality service to our clients, service with quick and efficient responses, a direct answer. and being to the point being our trademarks. We advise clients what is the position and what we think, instead of telling clients what they wish to hear. All our clients are appreciative with our style of management and it is reflected in their continuity with our firm as their professional service providers. We have one group of clients who has been with our firm for almost 27 years, and now that the second generation have taken over their businesses, it’s time for us to engage with these second-generation owners.

Moving on, the firm faces continuing challenges on maintaining growth, quality, retaining of talented professionals, keeping up to regulators, meeting clients expectations, and the emerging technologies or the 21st century.

Over the last 2 years we have expanded our specialized desks to serve niche markets and our clientele. Now we have an extended array; China, French, German, and in January this year, Japan. Another achievement and milestone.

Last but not least, to all our clients, business associates and member firms of Morison KSi, a very big THANK YOU for all your past and present support. We look forward to many more years of working together.