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Corporate Income Tax

SG Transfer Pricing requirement: Related Party Transactions

On 12 January 2017, IRAS released its 4th edition of the Singapore transfer pricing guidelines relating to business entities incorporated or registered in Singapore or carrying on a business in Singapore that have transactions with related parties. Related Party Loans A related party loan arises when there is money lent [...]

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Review your corporate tax position to avoid tax burden

Last Updated 24 Feb 2019 Corporate tax is unavoidable in Singapore. However, with proper tax planning, it is possible for businesses to pay less tax/defer its tax payments. Hence, businesses will minimize their tax and maximize returns for stakeholders and as such, more resources will be available for reinvestment. Under-declaration [...]

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Tax Deductability OF “Keyman” Insurance Premiums

Generally, premiums incurred by a company in taking up an insurance policy on the life of a key personnel of the company (commonly referred to as “keyman” insurance) against loss of profits arising from the demise of the insured, the premiums are tax deductible. The following are the requirements that [...]

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Best practices for engaging tax agents

Last Updated: 24 Feb 2019 Tax compliance is part and parcel of every business in almost all countries. Without proper tax compliance, businesses will run into trouble with tax authorities. Fines, penalties, freezing bank accounts, summons, court’s attendances, imprisonment, not allowing errant taxpayers leaving the country are some of the [...]

Changes to Individual Income Tax Law in China

China’s top legislature passed the amendment to the Individual Income Tax Law on Friday 31 August 2018. This article explores the main changes introduced by the new legislation. On 31 August 2018, China’s Individual Income Tax Law (Amendment) was passed by the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of [...]

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