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Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Singapore Budget 2019 – Goods and Service Tax (GST)

By |2020-01-28T19:28:59+08:00February 24th, 2019|Goods and Services Tax (GST)|

NAVIGATION  GST Rate Tightening Of GST Import Relief For Travellers GST Remission For S-REITs And Singapore-Listed Registered Business Trusts (RBTs) Recovery Of GST For Qualifying Funds 1 - GST RATE The current GST rate is 7%. As announced by the Minister [...]

GST – Transfer of Business as Going Concern

By |2019-08-20T23:38:38+08:00November 1st, 2018|Goods and Services Tax (GST)|

In accordance with the GST Act, any supply of goods or services made by a taxable person in the course or furtherance of his business is chargeable to GST. Where a taxable person transfers or disposes of his business assets, whether or not for a consideration, is making a supply [...]