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Audit and Assurance

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With more than 35 years of experience, we are committed to provide impeccable audit quality and enhancing the value of our services to your businesses. We adopt a risk-based approach which focuses on key risks areas that matter to your business the most, and to provide our professional and knowledge-based insights as solutions to assist you in developing your business and achieving your commercial objectives.


When it comes to deadline, we understand that your firm may face pressures from your stakeholders, as your financial information and environment is critical in garnering trust in the global business world. We work quickly and effectively to meet all of your requirements. Since our client’s financial data is critical, our audit of financial data is based on an extensively researched methodology which complies with international standards of auditing as well as local rules enforced by Singaporean regulation.

Local Statutory Audit

Forensic Audit

Internal Audit

Global and Listed Company Audit

Other Assurance

Adding value for our Clients

Owing to our unique cost structure, we are able to provide cost effective and efficient assurance services:

  • Our pool of dedicated and committed professionals understand that time is of essence as far as reporting to your HQ is concerned and shall work very closely with you in meeting critical deadlines.

  • If your company is the coordinating office, we have a network of affiliated firms with significant local presence to assist and coordinate with your overseas branches.This allows us to effectively coordinate with the respective local offices to centralise reporting at the office or country of your preference.
  • We remain accessible and responsive to your company throughout the year, responding to changes in reporting rules, accounting standards and auditing guidelines to help your firm adapt to future changes in a smooth manner.
  • Our audit teams are well-trained and well-equipped with the latest accounting and auditing information to perform efficient and effective audits.
  • Through our global network Morison KSi International, we are able to leverage on the expertise of our foreign counterparts that is crucial to your cross-border transactions and formation of strategic alliances.Our firms converge regularly at alliance conferences and training seminars, which allows us to communicate and share knowledge and best practices with our professionals located internationally.
  • We have established a comprehensive system of policies and controls to enhance the quality of our services.


Key Contacts

Head Partner & EQCR, Audit and Assurance
Head Partner & EQCR, Audit and Assurance
Partner, Audit and Assurance
Partner, Audit and Assurance
Partner, Audit and Assurance
Partner, Audit and Assurance