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Global and Listed Company Audit

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Global and Listed Company Audit2021-05-06T20:32:50+08:00

We assist companies that have foreign counterparts and entrepreneurs who plan to go public. Our firm belongs to a global network. As a result, we can deliver audits that follow the government policies where your overseas branch is based. With our experienced team supporting your organisation, you can manage through the strict statutory requirements and become SGX-listed.


Global Company Audit

Companies entering the global market are on the rise. However, the distinctive statutory requirements per country render compliance for such entities challenging. In response to such difficulties, several audit firms integrate themselves with a network to be able to serve a company’s overseas counterparts with uniform quality.

High-quality audits by such firms are made possible by engaging in different accounting disciplines such as valuation, tax, risks and systems and keeping themselves abreast of ever-changing policies, industries and standards.

A large multi-industrial network is necessary to provide global, high-quality audits. Paul Wan & Co is part of Morison KSI to deliver outstanding service to global businesses. Our firm is a part of an association that has members in more than 75 countries. In other words, we are truly global.

Your company is in safe hands with us, whether it requires intricate group audit services or observance of overseas statutory audits. Through the aid of our worldwide network, we’ll help you make crucial decisions with accurate global financial information as the basis. We approach your issues directly with attention to detail, enabling us to gain deep insights into your global entity.

Listed Company Audit

Growing from a private company to a public company listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) is a big development for an entrepreneur. This huge leap also means that your company is answerable to more stakeholders and there are more policies to adhere to. 

Since it is a tedious process, you need the assistance of an accounting firm such as Paul Wan & Co. We have a team of experienced team members who have worked with clients who are looking to get listed in SGX.

Primarily, the procedure will involve the evaluation of your financial preparedness for an initial public offering (IPO). We also assist in providing a team that consists of sponsors, lawyers, underwriters and an investment banker (the one who advises on the corporate fundraising process).


Key Contacts

Partner, Audit and Assurance
Partner, Audit and Assurance