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Other Assurance

Other Assurance2021-04-30T07:33:19+08:00

Paul Wan & Co meets the demand of organisations that require attestation that goes beyond financial reports to determine risks and opportunities. We focus on the needs of your company and work using reliable methods to deliver a variety of assurance services. We help organisations maintain their reputation and improve their business operations.


The demand for organisations to issue reports about agreed-upon procedures, examinations and reviews is on the rise. Furthermore, financial reports alone do not reveal opportunities or business risks. These are what multitudes of organisations have realised. As a result, business leaders and company decision-makers are starting to see the necessities and advantages from assurance that goes beyond the regular audit of financial statements.

Our firm aims to meet this rising demand. That’s why our services do not stop at financial statement audits. We deliver other forms of corporate disclosure gain credibility and reporting from independent external assurance. We use proven and reliable methodologies to provide a variety of assurance services that cater to your company’s unique needs.

Our services include:

  • Forensic Audit

  • Engagements conforming with the following:

    • International Standards on Review Engagements (ISRE)
    • International Standards on Assurance Engagements (ISAE)
    • International Standards on Related Services (ISRS)
  • Compliance audits on a contractual basis

We also work on independent authentication of financial and non-financial data, deliver an independent opinion on grant claims to benefit from grants given by the Economic Development Board (EDB) and Lucky Draws. 

Businesses applying or re-applying for the Major Exporter Scheme (MES) can also come to us. For companies who are required to present special audits by stakeholders, directors, and landlords, we can also assist you. 

We serve maritime companies interested in the Maritime Sector Incentive (MSI) as well. The special audits we perform help them gain MSI approval and enable them to maximise financial incentives from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA).

How We Serve You

Our services are performed in compliance with the following accounting standards:

  • Singapore Standards on Auditing

  • Singapore Standards on Assurance Engagements

  • Singapore Standards on Review Engagements

  • Singapore Standards on Related Services

As your trusted auditing partner, we use our expertise in different areas that can be measured and quantified in your company, whether they’re financial or non-financial indicators. We examine your organisation thoroughly so that we can deliver insights that can be applied effectively.

When you work with us, your company can efficiently determine, capture and report in financial and non-financial terms. We also deliver assurance regarding the legitimacy of information about services, products and activities that your management is in charge of. This process opens new methods of maintaining reputation, forming trust with shareholders, and developing corporate performance.