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Our team of tax professionals undertakes on the challenges to address our clients in direct and indirect taxes needs and reporting obligations effectively. We review client’s tax liabilities, exposures, advice clients on tax planning and savings. Our clients are updated with the latest developments in both local and international tax changes, through our international tax bulletins.


At PWCO, our team can offer your business specialist tax services and taxation advice regardless of your company size, sector or stage of growth. We believe in building long-term relationships built on understanding your unique needs, and we will work collaboratively with you to provide you with bespoke tax solutions that you can rely on.

Our range of taxation services covers corporate, personal, goods and service tax (GST), and international tax matters, and can help you to maximise profit and efficiency through tax planning and risk mitigation. Our experienced team will keep you up to date with regular changes to Singapore’s corporate and personal income tax structure.

Corporate Tax Services

Corporate tax is constantly changing, so you need a dynamic partner. Our corporate tax professionals can provide you with the latest advice you need to make sure your business is fully tax compliant, whilst helping you plan for any potential tax risks and opportunities in the future.

This could include filing your company income tax returns, managing task investigations and applying for local tax incentives, among much more. Find out what else our corporate tax team can do for you and how to contact them.

Personal Taxation

Globalisation in the business world has led to the company workforce travelling more and more. As Singapore becomes the business hub for south-east Asia for many multinationals and individuals, our personal tax team can assist your company and its talent in managing any personal tax issues that arise.

Our broad range of personal taxation services takes the work out of preparing returns of employee’s remuneration, tax equalisation and local personal tax planning, to name a few. Learn how we can ensure your personal tax compliance and optimisation.

International Tax Advisory

As more international companies strive to align and optimise their global business strategies, our expert international tax advisers can guide you through cross-border tax structuring, risk mitigation and long-term tax planning.

Our integration with Morison KSi International allows us to leverage on our regional counterparts to provide sound tax advice in their local jurisdictions. This allows us to present a qualified approach when it comes to your tax plan.

Whether it is assisting with intellectual property planning, pre-IPO structuring or tax incentive applications, talk to our international tax specialists can help your business with.

Goods and Service Tax (GST)

GST in Singapore was introduced more than 20 years ago, is your business operating in line with GST compliance? Our team of experienced GST specialists can help you file your GST return on time and avoid the risk of incurring costly penalties.


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