Paul Wan

Managing Partner

Mr. Paul Wan is a Fellow Chartered Accountant of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (England & Wales) and is a practicing member of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA).

Mr. Wan has been in practice for 37 years, inclusive of working with KPMG, and has handled major audit assignments of both private and public listed companies including IPO work in various industries. He has extensive experience in banking, oil and gas, shipping and the hospitality industries.

He is the Managing Partner of the firm, Paul Wan & Co., a member firm of worldwide accounting association, Morison Global is an international accounting association with over 150 offices in 82 countries. He is currently serving as Chairman of Morison Global.

He is also the Co-Managing Partner of InterAsia Capital Asset Management Inc (IAC) with offices in New York, Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong, a boutique asset management group which specialises in investing and managing in hospitality, food and beverages (F&B), housing companies.

He is also the President of IFA Capital Group, an international organisation with 11 offices ranging from Asia to the Middle East. He specialises in corporate finance, financial advisory, and assisting clients to list globally – from merger and acquisitions (M&As) and raising funds from capital markets.

Formally, he has also served on Singapore-government linked companies (GLC) as independent directors.


Mr. Paul Wan has been instrumental in Morison International’s (now Morison KSi) growth in Asia Pacific since 1992 when his firm joined the international association. He became the Chairman of the Asia Pacific region of Morison International in 1992. In September 2001, Mr Paul Wan was made a Director of Morison International – recognition of Mr. Wan’s contribution and leaderships not only in the Asia Pacific region but also on the worldwide basis.

Morison KSi is a result of a merger of two leading associations, Morison International and KS International in April 2016, to form a US$1 billion strong international association. Mr. Paul Wan continues to spearhead the growth of Morison KSi in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. He remains as the Chairman of the Asia Pacific regions and the Director of Morison KSi.


Mr Paul Wan also currently serves as the overseas lecturer of the National University of Singapore (NUS), and a Senior Lecturer of the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) and ISCA. Mr. Wan had been invited to deliver lectures as an oversea lecturer for the Executive MBA Programme of the Jinan University Guangzhou, one of the Top 10 Universities in China.

He is also a regular speaker and writer on the Asia Economies. He has delivered his lectures in many parts of the world, including Paris (6 times), Australia, Taiwan, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Seoul, Tokyo, Mumbai, New Delhi (3 times)Dubai, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, San Jose and London.

He has written in many Accountancy journals, magazines and newsletters. In addition, he has written many training manuals. He was the first author of the financial accounting manual “Advanced Accounting Practice Manual (Singapore)” published by BPP Accountancy Tuition, UK for the Associations of Certified Chartered Accountants examinations in Singapore.

Paul Wan

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Paul Wan

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