Wee Yeak Ing

Audit Partner

Yeak Ing is PWCO’s head partner of audit. Since joining in 1991 and till 2017, she has served in the capacity of audit and assurance for many of our largest SGX-listed clients, rising through the ranks and eventually in the capacity of partner in 2002. She was instrumental in helping many large mainland chinese companies develop their business and expand into the Asia pacific region, and instumental in the development of our IPO services in Singapore.

Prior to being appointed to this post in September 2020, Yeak Ing served in as the GFC for various water treatment companies, laying the groundwork and overseeing the exeuction of these companies being listed on SGX. In her many years of experience, she has in-depth expertise in shipping, information technology and hospitality sectors.

Yeak Ing has spearheaded our innovation efforts, leading the investment and deployment of many new technology solutions in 2020. She helped create the initiative of the SmartAudit programme, redefining how PWCO engagement members redefine their work through the use of RPA, technology and data, whilst also creating new solutions in the process.

She also serves on the board on several consulting arms, significantly positioned and developed for the focus on environmental and social sustainability in the modern 21st century.

Wee Yeak Ing

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Wee Yeak Ing

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